A moment worth paying for

Get up to the attic and dig out that VHS player, because we are now told Video is making a comeback.

Well so we are being told and while I was initially dismissive of this as an idea, it has led me to become all nostalgic concluding that we just like to ‘own’ something; a piece of memorabilia, history and memories. Statistically film lovers like to own a film rather than stream by a 60/40 split. Film fanatics will see a film at the cinema, DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and any other format they can lay hands on to check what has the best quality – director’s commentary, deleted scenes and blooper reels. I confess, I am a film nerd and I have done all of the above and more to get my film facts fix.

Got it taped, a video diary…

I am also of the video generation, I remember my Dad reading out an ‘Evening Press’ newspaper article when I was a small child telling me soon you could watch your favourite film at home anytime you liked. Despite my youth this blew my mind.


In my early tweens you could rent videos AND a machine to play them on. Cue an early interest in leads and connectors, tears, head scratching and dreaming of meeting a boy who could make the video player work and cure tracking problems (FYI dreams come true).


Thus followed a period of time where I could curate my own mini film festivals, visits to the video shop were a big part of my student life and connected me to friends I still remember via what films I first watched with them (word perfect ‘Withnail & I’ anyone). With much thanks to Tony Fitzmaurice my Film Studies lecturer at NCAD, I went from enthusiast to full blown film bore. Cinema was not neglected by me; this was the time of Tarantino and my first membership to the Irish Film Institute don’t ya know…but I must admit it was my relationship with Laser on George’s Street in Dublin that really gave me a place of belonging, hanging out with the guys behind the counter talking about movies. Enjoying the judgements over what I rented, occasionally renting films purely to impress them with my fabulous knowledge. In later years bickering in a video rental shop was a regular feature in my marriage and that is where I truly learned the importance of compromise…

So, I LOVE films and I get work with the makers and the shakers of the Film Industry in Ireland. I’ve never wanted to be an actress, writer, director or even famous. However, I am interested in how we enjoy our films, where we watch them, how we watch them and the quality of the experience. I believe we should pay for films in the Cinema, on DVD, on VOD and any other place we get to enjoy them.


Films cost money to make and everybody deserves to get paid for what they do.


It is a simple viewpoint and not one that is shared by all? But – just for me, think about your favourite scene of your favourite film, think about how that makes you feel…isn’t that a moment worth paying for?


Alison Crinion
Communications Director
Industry Trust for IP Awareness