Welcome to Lovemovies.ie, I’m inviting guest bloggers to join us from next month onwards, but I thought as this is the first, I’d take advantage of my position and take the opportunity to talk movies, why I love them and how working for the Industry Trust for IP Awareness has changed my views on copyright protection and reminded me it is time to show some more respect for the creative process. I mean, I’m a creative type, I’ve always loved watching films, going to the cinema has always been such a treat for me – so much so that I made it my job for many years and the film and television industry employs people like me (thankfully)bold, energetic and creative. Honestly, it remains one of the most exciting industries I’ve ever worked in, but its future success relies on respect for copyright.

The Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness promotes protection of copyright in the film and television industry. Originally set up in the UK in 2004 and much more recently expanding its activity in Ireland. Our job is to find ways to encourage audiences to support legitimate choices when it comes to watching film and TV content. With that in mind, Lovemovies.ie has been created as a dedicated space to learn more about copyright protection and how this impacts the future of the film industry, plus lots of interesting information about working in the film industry. Hopefully inspiring more people to choose careers in the Film Industry, jobs like mine, or being a gaffer, boom operator or screenwriter and well go on perhaps even an actor.

Interestingly many of those who download illegally are also paying customers and enjoy cinema visits and purchase DVD’s etc. They do love films but have little regard for (or know little about) the creative process and the individuals who invest their skills in production. With this in mind we at Lovemovies.ie like to try to inspire our audience to do the right thing. You could say we take a pro-copyright rather than an anti-piracy tack. We try to bring copyright and the value of creative works to life for people in a way that helps them to appreciate that the content they love is worth paying for.

Another big challenges the industry faces is that people often see piracy as a victimless crime, or that only Hollywood Richie Riches lose out, and they don’t need any more money…The reality is that all films cost money to make and for them to be made many people are employed because of their fantastic skill sets, but people have to get paid. It’s about respecting a person’s skills and ability to earn a living.

Frustratingly there are also those who believe that the people who provide films online for free are somehow freedom fighters or heroes because they are offering ‘free stuff’, and what’s wrong with that? The creative industry would argue films shouldn’t be free unless filmmakers want them to be available for free, as they cost money to make – shouldn’t the people who make the films get the right to chose what happens next?

So, my message for you today as Spike Lee said in this 1989 Classic, ‘DO THE RIGHT THING’