blog post – Katy Carter, Senior Marketing Manager

Following from Alison’s post, I am Katy and I work at the UK branch of Industry Trust for IP Awareness. Thank you for reading the blog!

There’s not many folk I’ve met who don’t enjoy a good film. Everyone has a favourite film – or a few strong contenders and who doesn’t love debating the merits of good and bad films? Films are a part of our lives. Storytelling is as old as time, it’s just we keep getting better and better at it, more effects, more twists and turns, more unexpected endings (no spoiler alerts!).Film is where art meets business, creativity that needs financing as films cannot be made with fresh air. In fact in the UK average film budgets, though plummeting, are still in the millions, despite the odd few made on a shoe-string. If you’ve ever watched the credits of a film you will see just how many people are involved in the making of film and TV shows.

People have strong opinions on piracy, all bound up with privacy issues, and freedom online. There are all sorts of reasons that people give for behaving differently online than they would do in the real world.

We’ve been running education campaigns now for a decade and during this time there have been massive changes in the industry – and these are still happening. During the world wars in early 1900s, people used to watch newsreels in cinemas and go there for warmth and community. TV came, then VHS. DVD arrived and has been improved upon with Blu-ray – and cinema has survived all these changes, developing colour, surround sound, 3D, digital technologies. It’s fascinating. Now you can watch your films online at the click of a mouse f you so choose, and what we work towards is communicating the alternative to ‘free’. It’s an interesting challenge.

Over time the campaigns we’ve run have morphed with the changing economic times, changing audiences, and changing piracy formats. Our main concern only seven years ago was knock-off DVDs, but now the challenge is much more online, especially as piracy online is less dodgy recordings from cinemas, but DVD quality rips.

We’ve run campaigns that show the audience are valuable stakeholders in the creation of great films ( ). We’ve thanked the audiences that choose to pay ( ). We’ve engaged with youth audiences on social networks to show the craft and graft that goes into filmmaking ( and we’ve interviewed people that work on real films and TV shows to get their thoughts on piracy

Our most recent campaign, Moments Worth Paying For, shows all that you get from film, the incredible experiences, the wonderful stories that take you into other worlds, all the hard work from so many talented people that you get to enjoy . We even had Ron Burgundy deliver a special message . We direct audiences to the FindAnyfIlm website that shows you what films are available in every format – cinema, Blu-ray, DVD, even when they are on TV and of course, online. All above board, from reputable retailers .

We’d love to hear your thoughts. And as a parting message, here is our latest youth-facing trailer made by young people – called Vin Diesel’s Socks – we hope you enjoy it. Tell us what you think.