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Every time you buy a cinema ticket, genuine DVD or download, that money helps support more investment in film and television. Because you love movies, we get to make great films. This site was funded by the Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness – showing our appreciation for you, the Irish public, every time you buy the real deal

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If you do a search online for free movies, you will get a ton of results that offer fast downloading of the latest new film releases, or films that are not even in your local cinema yet. The internet is populated with web sites that make illegal, copyrighted movies available to you. While you might think ‘what’s the harm’, you might not know that it is illegal to download, watch and share films in this way. You will risk getting caught and fined and for what? There are a number of sites that let you legally enjoy feature-length movies and the latest TV episodes anytime you want either for free or for a small one off or monthly charge.

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March 2015

March – Emma Fagan, PR Department Fingal Film Festival

Emma Fagan…

Growing up, I was certainly no stranger to watching movies illegally in some shape or form. It was common pratice for friends or family members to get their hands on a pirate copy of the latest blockbuster usually with the added appeal of rows of silhouetted heads! Although at the time I had no real knowledge of or respect for the creative process as such, it never gave me any pleasure to watch a badly copied film just because I was getting it for free or getting to seeing it before everyone else.

These days though, the practice of […]

The system is failing

January – Peter Bergin – Writer, producter, director of Territorial Behaviour

The Pitfalls of being a Pirate

Video Piracy. Bootlegging. Illegal duplication. Torrenting. It has many names but they all mean the same thing: the unlawful reproduction of a copyrighted IP (intellectual property) whether for financial gain or not. Now I could go into the moral wrongs of it here (companies going out of business, IP creators/owners losing money etc.) but I won’t. instead I want to look at it from another angle. I want to look at it strictly from an aesthetic angle. I want to talk about quality. But before I do that, I want to tell you a […]

April – Welcome to LoveMovies…

Welcome to Lovemovies.ie, I’m inviting guest bloggers to join us from next month onwards, but I thought as this is the first, I’d take advantage of my position and take the opportunity to talk movies, why I love them and how working for the Industry Trust for IP Awareness has changed my views on copyright protection and reminded me it is time to show some more respect for the creative process. I mean, I’m a creative type, I’ve always loved watching films, going to the cinema has always been such a treat for me – so much so that […]

November – Tom Byrne Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Little Jimmy
Here is a story I tell people to try to get the point across about public perception of online illegal downloading and the belief it is a victimless crime which the powers that be are completely overreacting to.
Little Jimmy strolls into HMV during his lunch break and sneaks a few CD’s into his school bag. He then rambles over to the film section and puts in a few DVD’s too. He walks out casually and just when he thinks he’s got away with it a big hand lands on his shoulder and he is taken back to the […]

August – Katy Carter, Senior Marketing Manager

LoveMovie.ie blog post – Katy Carter, Senior Marketing Manager
Following from Alison’s post, I am Katy and I work at the UK branch of Industry Trust for IP Awareness. Thank you for reading the LoveMovie.ie blog!
There’s not many folk I’ve met who don’t enjoy a good film. Everyone has a favourite film – or a few strong contenders and who doesn’t love debating the merits of good and bad films? Films are a part of our lives. Storytelling is as old as time, it’s just we keep getting better and better at it, more effects, more twists and turns, more […]

September – Tom Byrne Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Victimless Crimes and Innocent Wrongdoers
It can be hard to argue with people about the illegality of buying rip off discs in a market or downloading films illegally online. People don’t see any real harm in it and it suits the Irish psyche of pulling a fast one and being a cute hoor. They quote Hollywood studios and rich actors earning millions and say they are just a drop in the ocean with no significance to such a huge industry.
However, tell that to the 18000 people who work in the film, TV and games business in Ireland. Tell it to […]

October – Gale Wilson Marketing Manager, VOLTA

I love movies and I’m very lucky to work in an industry that I genuinely love.
The independent film world is an exciting and fragile industry. It allows for unique stories to be told by bold filmmakers. This adventurousness and ability to surprise us, is why we love indie movies.
Unfortunately film piracy is damaging this fragile ecosystem. It drains the life blood from independent film makers and curbs their will to push boundaries that could raise the bar of film for our generation.
In Peter Pan every time a child utters “I don’t believe in fairies” a little fairy somewhere falls […]

July – I love movies and always have…Garry Walsh Snackbox

I love movies and always have. As a kid growing up in Dublin, some of my best memories are of films I watched with my friends and family. Saturday night in my house was bath night and the sooner I could get out of the bath and downstairs, the sooner I could be watching whatever Saturday night feature was playing on TV. It might be James Bond, Indiana Jones or if I was really lucky, Superman. Whatever it was one thing was always the same, I was mesmerised. My Dad would ask me whats on and follow it with […]