Chris Walley

Position: Actor


What inspired you to get into working with the film industry?

I’ve always wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember, I know a lot of people say that but it’s really true (I did want to be a pro footballer for brief time at age 10). I always just loved performing and making people laugh. I had done quite a bit of amateur theatre but always wanted to do tv and film also and then The Young Offenders came along!


Can you tell us a bit about your route through the film industry?

My route into the industry is quite a typical one for a young actor. I started doing drama classes in the Gaiety in Cork before moving to the Cork School of Music. It was at the school of music that I feel I really developed my love further. I went onto study for a year on the BA course there before getting cast in the film. I am now going into my second year at RADA.

What was the best part of making a film? And the worst?

The best part of making the film was the crew. Everyone was so sound and just genuinely lovely people. It was my first time on a film set and they were all very kind and helpful. I’ve learnt an awful lot from them all and hope I get to work with them again! Also just getting to play Jock was so much fun.


Worst moment:

Probably having to hide from the sun and cover myself in suncream constantly for continuity purposes.


Was there a person working in your field who you saw as a role model when you were first getting into the industry?


I’m not sure if there was anyone I saw as a role model, I always find that a tricky question to answer. There was definitely many people I admired and was constantly learning from. I suppose the person I have to thank the most and learnt the most from throughout the process would be Peter. He is so good at what he does and so willing to help you along the way, while also pushing you to do your best. I also learned an awful lot from my fellow cast, Hilary, Dom, Pj, Shane!! Alex had as little screen experience as me but I definitely learnt a lot from him too (don’t tell him that!)

If you had to recommend one film to the audience what would it be and why?

Victoria. Its a film I saw a few months ago in London and it is without doubt one of the most intense cinematic experiences I’ve ever had. It’s shot in ONE continuous take. Go see it!!! After you see The Young Offenders of course!

What do you feel about illegal downloading? How will it impact your ability to stay afloat in the industry?

Illegal downloading is a weird one. It’s so easy to do and so convenient but when you’re involved in the industry you start to understand how it effects everything and how damaging it is. I can understand why people would do it but I think if they really thought about how it effects people’s jobs and their hard work they hopefully would not. Having done such a low budget film as this the idea of someone streaming it online illegally annoys and somewhat scares me. Besides going to the cinema is infinitely better!!

What do you think about releasing films online and in cinemas on the same date – is it all about the cinema experience?

Don’t like that really at all. Personally I love the cinematic experience. You can’t match a bucket of popcorn a drink and a massive screen!

What’s the viewing future?

Oh tough one. There’s lots of films I want to see at the moment (I hope I’ve understood this question correctly). I want to see Captain Fantastic and need to catch up on Game of Thrones. I just saw a date for mad mary too, great film!!


Chris Walley