Copyright Protection – Will we GET IT RIGHT in 2017?

Our fantastic friends at Creative Content UK as you might be aware, have launched Get it Right from a Genuine Site branded Educational Emails, that have just begun to be sent by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)- including BT, NowTV, PlusNet, Sky, Talk-Talk and Virgin Media- to account holders when their accounts are associated with illegal file-sharing.
The first emails were sent on 17th January and the Get it Right team is monitoring the operation closely to try to understand what people will do when they receive an email – and they have seen an approximate a significant rise in the “click through” rate to the Get It Right portal – which would seem to indicate an encouraging percentage of people opening the email that they receive.

The Educational Email programme is designed to educate consumers about what’s happening on their ISP account and to help to make sure they, or people that use their connection, are not infringing copyright and to direct them to sources where they get the content they want from genuine sites and services.

The emails will: outline the nature of the unlawful uploading of a copyright file that has been detected and confirmed; direct recipients to resources that provide advice on how to properly secure a Wi-Fi network and to legal sources of entertainment and creative content; and make clear that ISPs and right holders take online infringement very seriously. The tone of the email will escalate if multiple Alerts are sent to the same subscriber.

Please do take a look at the portal- –  for more information about how the Educational Emails work. What do you think about this campaign – would you like to see this happen in Ireland? We would love to hear from you – tweet us @LovemoviesIre using the hashtag #WorthPayingFor