Actions have Consequences

Have we all forgotten that Actions have Consequences…


During the summer of 2015 I was at the opening day release of Fantastic Four (2015). Normally I am at a press screening with other reviewers and we all respect our chapel of entertainment. But this is about someone who probably will tell you that they are the biggest movie fan you’ve ever met, they will know all the cool quotes, all the actors will be burrowed into their long term memory, and they probably will be wearing their favourite movie T-shirt. This is also the type of person who thinks that the many people who rely on Movies for their income are all high income one percent who have money to burn, I can tell you now that my income depends on the Movies, and I’m a permanent fixture on the 99% list.

Anyway, back to Fantastic Four on the 6th of August 2015. During the film I noted that there was someone who kept moving their phone up and down at almost a regular pattern during the film, after a while I started to pay more attention to the screen of the phone rather than the movement, and the film itself, and noticed a disturbing thing, this person was taking 30 second to one minute clips of the film and then going into their email app and sending them. Whenever someone came in to the cinema or got up out of their seat this person was placing the phone down and they would start again.

At the end of the film, because I couldn’t get down the stairs quick enough during the film, I brought this to the attention of the cinema staff and gave them a description of the person responsible. I’m very proud to say that the staff, once informed, sprung into action and took the description from me of the person involved, and then informed their manager. Too often the staff thinks that there is nothing that they can do, which makes you wonder, do they realise what happens if Movie Theatres go out of business?


I love movies, for almost all my life, they have brought me a profound joy and happiness, they have opened my eyes to new worlds and new ways of being, and the Cinemas themselves have been a place of solace and given me a way to shake off the worries of our normal lives. Again I say, have we all forgotten actions have consequences.


I have never watched one of these ‘CAM’ movies, as I believe that if hundreds of people got together and produced something that I wanted to see then it was worth the 7.80 price of admission to the silver screen. I love a well made movie with a script that bursts your soul and acting that makes you believe the person on the screen is a real person, even when they are not. But I also love the trashy, badly scripted piece of nonsense that we are too often flooded with. It’s not about the quality of the movie, it’s about the passion and people that drove this film onto our screens.

I want film production to continue, from the epics to the personal, from the high action to the real life documentaries, no matter what you love to watch in this massive community you can have it for the price of a ticket. In a world where every day we are bashed over the head with news reports that want to prove that humanity is in trouble, the Cinema is a place where people can come together from all ranges of life, be in unison for just a couple of hours, and be happy.


This type of behaviour has to be stamped out and the only way that it can be stamped out is on the front lines, the Cinemas themselves.


With mobile phones having better and better cameras and apps it’s getting too easy for these people to attempt to destroy the industry that we all love. With Cineworld offering a full month of unlimited screenings for just over 20 euro and Netflix and Xtravision offering subscription services at reasonable prices I can’t see why someone would risk the fines and prison time for the sake of a 90 minute movie. We all have a responsibility as movie lovers to spot this going on during a film and contact a member of the staff, we cannot stand by and see criminals operating in front of us. We also cannot complain in the future when the next film of a series does not get made because the amount of piracy out there. If you love movies, well then, these days you’re going to have to prove that love and fight for it. Be vigilant!


Garth Cremona
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