Digital Pure

It’s tense and expectant. Something is about to happen, something Big.

The music is a slow and measured high pitched bell…insistent and mysterious, like time inside a grandfather clock. It’s hanging there. Moment – To – Moment. The children and the parents fresh from a chaotic and claustraphobic panic are open mouthed but…are held in check by Willy Wonka’s cane. Whipping occassionally to block their path as they descend the steps slowly, steadily. They are entering into the beauty, the wonder, the colour and the Majestic Awe that is The Chocolate Room.

That’s how much I love movies. Did you feel it? I hope you did. That…whatever it is in me that is fit to burst as I recall and revel in the memory of it, it is pure imagination. That Wizzory Waz…that Dubbilee Doo. That…well enough of the Roald Dahl’s…

I love it. That moment stays with me always, like for many people I’m sure. So as Willy Wonka says “Hold your breath – Make a wish – Count to three” and come with me as I take you into the Future on this Love Movies Story…

Some background of this Future: Humans have developed from simple creatures into more and more sophisticated entities existing now in part as fully digital connections to a new Internet. We still thrive in the physical world, plenty of yoga, exercise, physical interaction – a balanced life diet. This has been a progressive evolution that snapped at one point into place with the onset of Digital Pure.

In Digital Pure humans are connected throughout the Hive Brain in instant thought and imagination where producivity is conceived then output to such things as digital printers to manifest in the physical world. Human labour has been reduced to practically zero as automation has entirley taken over, food replication ala Star Trek etc…I know what you’re thinking, this could be a great screenplay if it wasn’t for The Matrix, The Congress and so many other fantastically imagined and portrayed movies.

Our character Charlie works in the construction industry where automation and 3D prinitng have combined and grown on a massive scale to the point where a printer actually prints a house – not as far fetched as it seems, have you seen this car? –

The Story: Collectively in The Hive everyone contributes and is rewarded for the effort, a real shared responsibility and shared reward. So in Simon’s case he contributes to building a house and gains a share in the eventual sale of the house. There are many developers involved in one single housing or City construction scheme and all share the benfit, like modern day employment. But this equatable existence is under threat.

Unfolding Plot: Simon has an address where he lives in The Brain, the evolution of phone number, email, twitter handle, facebook account and countless other been and gone digital communication methods. This address, called an IP address, evolved from the IP address used when we connect to the Internet today that identifies us. The evolution via Digital Pure was to have our IP address be the unit of identification throughout the Internet, makes sense right? So it becomes our identity and the conduit for the value we are contributing.

Nitty Gritty: Today the majority of our life is logged by us, transacted and communicated via our connection to the Internet and the IP address is already used to track usage and behaviour so this part of the background is an easy enough leap to a not too distant future.

Money isn’t quite gone in the future, notes and coins have been relegated like gold and silver to museum display cases but Market Econmics developed outward their systems of pure credit so as to phase out the need for physical cash. A rocky road with crashes and booms now there’s just credit assigned to an IP address or individual and this credit is gained from the contribution to overall communal production. Fantastic. We contribute individually to the collective creating a value in our IP a bit like modern day Intellectiual Property or employment salaries.

Back to this Future: Inventiveness and innovation thrived inside the new techno-system but there was a problem, well many problems but in the interest of trying to fit this into a short rather than a series of Lost we are just gonna look at just one.

Crisis – Dum Dum dahh!!: In about 2030 a good twenty years before our story will take place a new invention came into existence and it was based on old techniques just adapted for the current architechture of Digital Pure. A system of sharing IP or identity was available such that you could simply hi-jack someone elses IP and claim their productivity as part of yours. Remember the credit system, you develop productivity that is output and you are rewarded for the effort of your contribution in credits.

Well what this meant was that some people who would work on a project were not gettting their IP credit and the hi-jacking also meant that there was some very shoddy houses that looked like houses being printed. The system of productivity was eroding and soon diminshed. Simon lost his job due to the fact that the construction company he was working for together with several others shut down, no new projects were being commissioned.

Digital Pure needed a re-think. As soon as the construction industry was out of work it was followed by other workers in dependent industries like electricians, truck drivers even the Summer Ice Cream Van Man in Bray for some reason.

Final shot: Fade In – A montage of the Hive Brain that was capable of producing these amazing things shutting down, the creative light dwindling as each circuit disonnects. The Brain morphs (with appropriate sad music) into the earth from space where in turn the lights across the planet go out – all this in a desperate attempt to convey to the audience the connection to creativity, production and harmony and that when disrupted it fades, dwindles and eventually…Stops.

Hope: On the bright side, the sequel takes up with Simon’s alternative brother from an alternative Universe and see’s them working side by side to revolutionize Digital Pure and the Internet into a once again thriving community of shared repsonsibility where creativity and productivity are valued and the individual under IP is protected from infringements of their work.


“Want to change the world?

There’s nothing to it…”

– Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 1971


Ger Meade
Cirquit Media Ltd.