Project Description

Name: Alex Murphy
Position: Actor

1. What inspired you to get into working with the film industry?

I’ve always had a love for acting, but up until last year I only had experience in theatre. You can’t really plan ahead in terms of what project you will be working on next, so I guess I just landed in the film industry quite unexpectedly.


2. Can you tell us a bit about your route through the industry?

My route has be quite short so far. I found out I got the part in The Young Offenders in March 2015 and I’ve just been enjoying the ride since then. I start college in The Lir in Dublin soon, so that’s where my heads at for now.


3. What was the best part of making a film? And the worst?

The best part about making the film was that everyday was a completely new experience. I was spending 8 hours a day learning and listening to everything going on and off camera and just found the whole process very interesting. As for the worst part… Come back to me in 10 years when I’m not still amazed by everything haha.


4. Was there a person working in your field who you saw as a role model when you were first getting into the industry?

Probably Cillian Murphy. I like his work ethic and he hasn’t let fame change him. Also he’s a Cork man.


5. If you had to recommend one film to the audience what would it be and why?

The last film I saw that stayed in my mind for a while was ‘The Lobster’. It’s bizarre and mad but it works.


6. What do you feel about illegal downloading? How will it impact your ability to stay afloat in the industry?

It’s a shame illegal downloading is so common these days. I think if you love films, you should love going to see films and support films. It’s not something I think about a whole lot but I really hope it doesn’t affect my career or the future of film too much. Personally I don’t like the idea. I think a new film deserves to be shown on the big screen before it gets released online.


7. What do you think about releasing films online and in cinemas on the same date – is it all about the cinema experience?

With 3D technology improving all the time, I see a place for fully immersive films in the future. Whether it will work or not is a different story, but it’ll be interesting to see how technology changes the viewing future.