Project Description

Questions & Answers.

Name: Sharon Cronin
Job title: Producer

What inspired you to go work in the Film Industry in Ireland?
I grew up in the countryside and there weren’t very many people my age around, so I just watched a
lot of films and I guess I fell in love with film. After that I never even considered doing anything else.
Its not as dazzling or tinsled a career path as people percieve it to be and its never easy but seeing something
you helped create on the big screen monumentus and sharing it with an audience is ineffable.

What has been your career path to date?
Its been rather straightforward. I studied filmmaking
in Cork and that eventaully led me to Filmbase where I completed my masters in feature
filmmaking. I also worked for the Cork Film Festival, and still do. That showed me a whole
other side to films and how the whole process works in terms of getting your work screened.
I’ve been lucky really to get such a rounded view of the industry so early in my career. Making
Poison Pen was a substantial learning experience, everyone had such rich backgrounds in
different areas of the arts and I think we all learned from watching each other work. Being
educated in film is indispensible but its paramount to get out there and just make films.
Filmmaking is a pronounced example of practice makes perfect.

Who inspires you?
Right now my admiration is with Xavier Dolan. Having been showered with accolades for his films to
date he consistantly remains true to his work, never comprising his voice as a filmmaker. He’s always
innovative with his work, constantly changing the rules
and exploring the bounds of filmmaking. Beyond that I’m inspired by people like Alexandra
McGuinness, Alicia Van Couvering, Wes Anderson, Aaron Sorkin, Steve McQueen……

Tell us a funny work story…..
Poison Pen had quite a few funny stories, when making a micro
budget feature film you have to get creative to even get the film made which results in some
great stories. I think one of the most notable moments of Poison Pen was when myself and
my co-producer Áine rang Lochlann to offer him the lead role in the film and mid sentence he
had to cut us off because his wife was having a baby! It all ended well, we all know now that
he took the part and now has a baby the exact same age as our film!

What’s your favourite film?

The question I’m asked most but never have an answer to! I guess I just don’t have a favourite film.
If I had to name a few that stuck with me then – Lotus Eaters, Tiny Furniture, I Killed My Mother,
Bonjour Tristesse, Shame, The Great Beauty, France Ha…….