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Every time you buy a cinema ticket, genuine DVD or download, that money helps support more investment in film and television. Because you love movies, we get to make great films. This site was funded by the Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness – showing our appreciation for you, the Irish public, every time you buy the real deal

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If you do a search online for free movies, you will get a ton of results that offer fast downloading of the latest new film releases, or films that are not even in your local cinema yet. The internet is populated with web sites that make illegal, copyrighted movies available to you. While you might think ‘what’s the harm’, you might not know that it is illegal to download, watch and share films in this way. You will risk getting caught and fined and for what? There are a number of sites that let you legally enjoy feature-length movies and the latest TV episodes anytime you want either for free or for a small one off or monthly charge.

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The Industry Trust for IP Awareness, Pinewood Pictures and 20th Century Fox launched the latest bespoke Moments Worth Paying For trailer, a collaboration on the British spy thriller Spooks: The Greater Good which champions the value of the big screen experience in their quest to reduce the impact of copyright infringement on the audio […]