On 1st August 2014, GFD Film Library, the official Irish film licensing distributor for public viewing will be launching their new website Film Library Co-ordinator Orla Lafferty said of the new website: ‘With the launch of the new website we are hoping to educate the general public about the issues surrounding copyright law and having film screenings in a public place. We have been finding recently that many customers when they initially come to us have no idea about the law surrounding public screenings and the process that they have to go through to obtain a license’.

GFD Film Library Managing Director John Anderson explained the importance of educating people to these issues so that they don’t, completely unaware, find themselves infringing on copyright law: ‘Under Irish copyright law, if you wish to screen a film in public, you will generally require the consent (licence) of the copyright owner or their representatives before doing so. In public means broadly speaking screening a film to an audience outside of his/her domestic home circle’.

With the new website, GFD Film Library also hope to help clients through the entire process of film screenings including ideas, sourcing content, booking and promotion. GFD Film Library’s Financial Controller Mark McIntyre detailed this further:

‘A good film entertains and informs, enhances an experience, reinforces a message and adds value to an event. Film screenings have proven to be of real benefit both for commercial businesses as well as educational, social and community groups through a number of ways including themed evenings and events, keeping children entertained and adding atmosphere at corporate and consumer events. The possibilities for screenings are endless!’.

Orla also pointed out the unique benefit that clients of the film library have, being able to obtain pre-release DVDs: ‘Many films are often available 10-12 weeks after cinema release and prior to being available to rent or buy on DVD or Blu-ray, meaning you have the opportunity to create a ‘premiere-style’ event around your screening’.

For further information please contact Orla Lafferty, Film Library Co-ordinator on +353 01 4569500 or e-mail