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GoGuardian Earns iKeepSafe Privacy Certification GoGuardian Earns iKeepSafe FERPA & California Student Privacy Certification iKeepSafe is pleased to announce that GoGuardian has earned the iKeepSafe FERPA and California Student Privacy Certifications. The certifications signify that GoGuardian’s suite of products, including GoGuardian Admin, GoGuardian Teacher, GoGuardian Director, and GoGuardian Fleet have been proactively and independently assessed by iKeepSafe, an experienced privacy protection organization. iKeepSafe Privacy Certifications simplify privacy compliance for education technology vendors, and make it easy for schools to identify websites, apps, data management platforms, and other technology products that follow various privacy laws governing student data. Products that carry the [...]
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BFI Film Academy Network Programme Cinemagic is delighted to deliver another BFI Film Academy Network Programme and congratulate our fantastic students who were successful in their application to the Academy. Over the last 3 years, 18 talented filmmakers per year, from Northern Ireland were selected from a wide-pool of applicants and awarded places on the BFI Film Academy programme delivered by Cinemagic. The programme equipped young filmmakers, passionate about film, with the knowledge, skills, insight, confidence and practical training to help lay strong foundations for their pursuit of a career in the film industry. Since its launch in 2013, a [...]
Copyright Protection Education Email Programme
Copyright Protection - Will we GET IT RIGHT in 2017? Our fantastic friends at Creative Content UK as you might be aware, have launched Get it Right from a Genuine Site branded Educational Emails, that have just begun to be sent by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)- including BT, NowTV, PlusNet, Sky, Talk-Talk and Virgin Media- to account holders when their accounts are associated with illegal file-sharing. The first emails were sent on 17th January and the Get it Right team is monitoring the operation closely to try to understand what people will do when they receive an email – and they have seen an [...]
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Pirate Apps Corrupt Kids Pirate Apps Corrupt Kids & Bust Your TV, Industry Warns   Modified Kodi devices might be a great way to enjoy streaming content but they can corrupt your children and damage your TV. That's the message from The Industry Trust for IP Awareness and FindAnyFilm.com, who are warning parents that pirate devices and software have no age controls and could even damage your TV. There are all kinds of strategies aimed at curtailing piracy but in the end it is only a change in human behavior that can really make a difference. Tempting people to do [...]
Copyright Protection
Copyright Protection, an industry insiders view on the effects its having on people who love cinema When Lovemovies.ie asked me to write this article on Copyright Protection, I realized it was something that has always been important to me, even before I knew exactly why… Copyright protection and intellectual property are essential for the continued growth of the film and television industry. It can often go overlooked just how necessary for jobs, art and creativity protecting projects is. This is a must, from conception to completion.   Receiving the proper credit and acknowledgement for your work should be a given. [...]
Emma Fagan watching movies illegally
Illegal Downloading Growing up, I was certainly no stranger to watching movies illegally in some shape or form. It was common practice for friends or family members to get their hands on a pirate copy of the latest blockbuster usually with the added appeal of rows of silhouetted heads! Although at the time I had no real knowledge of or respect for the creative process as such, it never gave me any pleasure to watch a badly copied film just because I was getting it for free or getting to seeing it before everyone else. These days though, the practice [...]
Garth Cremona Actions Have consequences
Actions have Consequences Have we all forgotten that Actions have Consequences…   During the summer of 2015 I was at the opening day release of Fantastic Four (2015). Normally I am at a press screening with other reviewers and we all respect our chapel of entertainment. But this is about someone who probably will tell you that they are the biggest movie fan you’ve ever met, they will know all the cool quotes, all the actors will be burrowed into their long term memory, and they probably will be wearing their favourite movie T-shirt. This is also the type of [...]
Ger Meade pure imagination
Digital Pure It’s tense and expectant. Something is about to happen, something Big. The music is a slow and measured high pitched bell…insistent and mysterious, like time inside a grandfather clock. It’s hanging there. Moment – To – Moment. The children and the parents fresh from a chaotic and claustraphobic panic are open mouthed but…are held in check by Willy Wonka’s cane. Whipping occassionally to block their path as they descend the steps slowly, steadily. They are entering into the beauty, the wonder, the colour and the Majestic Awe that is The Chocolate Room. That’s how much I love movies. [...]
Peter Bergin Illegal duplication
The Pitfalls of being a Pirate Video Piracy. Bootlegging. Illegal duplication. Torrenting. It has many names but they all mean the same thing: the unlawful reproduction of a copyrighted IP (intellectual property) whether for financial gain or not. Now I could go into the moral wrongs of it here (companies going out of business, IP creators/owners losing money etc.) but I won’t. instead I want to look at it from another angle. I want to look at it strictly from an aesthetic angle. I want to talk about quality. But before I do that, I want to tell you a [...]
Clare Daley Moments worth paying for
Respect Copyright and IP When Lovemovies.ie asked me to write about my take on the current lack of respect for copyright and intellectual property, their slogan ran around in my head like a reel of 35mm film in a dusty projector. Moments worth paying for. One of my favourite memories as a kid was going to see Raiders of The Lost Ark at the Classic in Harold’s Cross. I knew nothing going in. I suspect my Dad really wanted to see it and dragged me and my sister along, but the excitement I felt that just being there was huge. [...]
Tom Byrne Illegal Downloading
But sure it does no harm…. It can be hard to argue with people about the illegality of buying rip off discs in a market or downloading films illegally online. People don’t see any real harm in it and it suits the Irish psyche of pulling a fast one and being a cute hoor. They quote Hollywood studios and rich actors earning millions and say they are just a drop in the ocean with no significance to such a huge industry. However, tell that to the 18000 people who work in the film, TV and games business in Ireland. Tell [...]
Alison Crinion A Video Diary
A moment worth paying for Get up to the attic and dig out that VHS player, because we are now told Video is making a comeback. Well so we are being told and while I was initially dismissive of this as an idea, it has led me to become all nostalgic concluding that we just like to ‘own’ something; a piece of memorabilia, history and memories. Statistically film lovers like to own a film rather than stream by a 60/40 split. Film fanatics will see a film at the cinema, DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and any other format they can lay [...]
Peter H Morris DVD Rental
The system is failing When I was in university in Galway, over a decade ago, there were two DVD rental stores in town that were absolutely fantastic; one was 2001: A Video Odyssey, the other was Shantalla Movie House. Both were like a treasure chest of films I had yet to discover, independent films that were often delegated side-on displays on the bottom shelf of some corporate rental outlet, with many not even available. Both opened my mind to the world of independent film, and both made me the film lover and, in turn, the film writer I am today. [...]