Protecting Copyright

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 Members of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) have today won an injunction against three pirate websites which are providing film and television content illegally to consumers in Ireland. The landmark legal case, which was heard in the Commercial division of the High Court in Dublin, will block access to notorious pirate websites, make the streaming of movies and television programmes into people’s homes and devices safer, and protect jobs in Ireland’s thriving film industry. Mr Justice Brian Cregan granted the injunction against the pirate websites. Stan McCoy, MPA EMEA President and Managing Director, welcomed the Commercial Court ruling which he said [...]
Irish VFX
Third annual Irish VFX & Animation Summit Industry Questions & Answers Including Ireland’s first screening of Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur.     Liam Neville – Vfx supervisor Egg Post Production What inspired you to get into working with the VFX / Animation in the film industry? Cartoons! I grew up watching shows like The Simpsons, South Park, etc and couldn’t get enough of them. I knew they were only little pixels, but I was amazed how the creators managed to bring these great characters to life. Was there a person working in your field who you saw as a role [...]
why go legal
Why Go Legal? If you want to watch movies online and search for free movies, you will get a ton of results that offer fast downloading of the latest new film releases, or films that are not even in your local cinema yet. The internet is populated with web sites that make illegal, copyrighted movies available to you. While you might think ‘what’s the harm’, you might not know that it is illegal to download, watch and share films in this way. You will risk getting caught and fined and for what? There are a number of sites that let [...]
Copyright Infringement
This document contains a description of the Copyright Act 2000. Legal Status Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000 came into effect on and from 1 January, 2001. Four minor sections were excluded from this commencement – sections 98 and 247, which provides for an exception from protection in respect of the playing of sound recordings by certain clubs and societies, and sections 198 and 199, dealing with the deposit of books and other materials in certain libraries holding collections of national cultural and educational significance. It is hoped to achieve the objectives of sections 98 and 247 by informal agreement [...]