Why Go Legal?

If you want to watch movies online and search for free movies, you will get a ton of results that offer fast downloading of the latest new film releases, or films that are not even in your local cinema yet. The internet is populated with web sites that make illegal, copyrighted movies available to you.

While you might think ‘what’s the harm’, you might not know that it is illegal to download, watch and share films in this way. You will risk getting caught and fined and for what? There are a number of sites that let you legally enjoy feature-length movies and the latest TV episodes anytime you want either for free or for a small one off or monthly charge.

Whatever your tastes are in movies with the online movie sites mentioned, and numerous sites out there just like them, there’s really no reason to put yourself at risk by downloading illegal and copyrighted movies to your computer.

Any of course there is always a trip to the cinema, where you will be supporting local jobs and industry by buying your ticket, popcorn and enjoying the latest releases – date night, girls’ night, boys’ night or family night.


How can I watch movies legally?

Free Public Domain Content….

If you’re in the mood for an older or classic movie, many sites offer free public domain content. A movie in public domain means that its copyright has expired or the film’s owner has contributed it to the public for viewing without charges or royalties. Sites like The Internet Archive are home to over 500,000 public domain “moving images” including movies, TV, cartoons, sports and documentaries.

Legal Streams….

Another way to legally watch movies and TV online is by visiting video streaming sites. These sites typically feature an impressive selection of free content. This content is “free” because the shows are regularly interrupted by commercials that “pay” for it. Sites like YouTube and Google Video allow you to legally stream shows directly on your computer.

Subscription Services

Some services, like Netflix offer a variety of monthly plan options. As you compare them all side-by-side, you’ll notice some slight differences in pricing and what they have to offer. They all come with unlimited streaming, so price per watch can be pretty reasonable if you are a film fan and watch movies at home.


Useful Links

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