Work in Film

Emma Fagan PR and Marketing
Emma Fagan Position: PR and Marketing ( Volunteer)   Ive had a passion for film for as long as I can remember but my love for movies and in particular my love for more diverse and offbeat cinema owes a huge debt to my parents and in particular my late Dad. In my early teens, I would not yet appreciate fully films like “Dog Day Afternoon” with a young Pacino , Scorcese’s powerful “Mean Streets” or Coppollas masterpiece of voyeurism “The Conversation” but there is no doubt that being exposed to good movies such as these growing up influenced my [...]
Alex Murphy Actor
Alex Murphy Position: Actor   What inspired you to get into working with the film industry? I’ve always had a love for acting, but up until last year I only had experience in theatre. You can’t really plan ahead in terms of what project you will be working on next, so I guess I just landed in the film industry quite unexpectedly. Can you tell us a bit about your route through the film industry? My route has be quite short so far. I found out I got the part in The Young Offenders in March 2015 and I’ve just [...]
Snackbox Films Garry Walsh, Colm Nicell and Alex Fegan have recently set up Snackox Films, Ireland's newest production company whose mission is to seek out new and emerging talent within the film and television industry. What is your name and job title? Garry - My name is Garry Walsh and I'm a Writer/Producer with Snackbox Films. Colm - I'm Colm Nicell and I too am a Writer/Producer for Snackbox Films. Alex - And I'm Alex Fegan, I'm a Writer/Director with Snackbox Films. How did you get started in the film business? Garry - Well, film making is something I’ve always [...]
Chris Walley Actor
Chris Walley Position: Actor   What inspired you to get into working with the film industry? I’ve always wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember, I know a lot of people say that but it’s really true (I did want to be a pro footballer for brief time at age 10). I always just loved performing and making people laugh. I had done quite a bit of amateur theatre but always wanted to do tv and film also and then The Young Offenders came along!   Can you tell us a bit about your route [...]
sharon cronin producer
Sharon Cronin Job title: Producer   What inspired you to go work in the Film Industry in Ireland? I grew up in the countryside and there weren’t very many people my age around, so I just watched a lot of films and I guess I fell in love with film. After that I never even considered doing anything else. Its not as dazzling or tinsled a career path as people percieve it to be and its never easy but seeing something you helped create on the big screen monumentus and sharing it with an audience is ineffable. What has been [...]
tony mcfadden cinematographer
Tony McFadden Position: Producer/Cinematographer, ‘Animation, Inc.’   What inspired you to get into working with the film industry? Growing up I was always fond of art whether it was writing stories, drawing pictures or recording fake radio shows on stereos that I would find in dumpsters. After I got my first camera, an old 8mm camcorder, I would write and film my own films and edit them on a VCR just to make the kids in my class laugh at school. At this stage I thought that this could only be a hobby, I actually wanted to do physics in [...]
lorna fitzsimons director
Lorn Fitzsimons Job title: Director   What inspired you to go work in the Film Industry in Ireland? Working in film for me is a compulsion, I am compelled to tell stories through pictures. I’m not quite sure why I’m here but I am and I love it. What has been your career path to date? After school I started on my path to working in film by getting some work experience in a photography studio but ended up there for a number of years, while studying photography in college. I met several great photographers there, whom I subsequently assisted [...]
jonathan hughes script supervisor
Jonathan Hughes Position: Production co-ordinator / Script supervisor / Make up – The Young Offenders (2016)   What inspired you to get into working with the film industry? When I was 15, my parents pretty much had decided already that I was going to be an accountant. One day, I was sitting in an economics class and I had a sudden realisation that I couldn’t bare the thought of someone asking me what I did in the future and having to tell them I was an accountant. So I decided to follow my passions, despite my parent’s concerns. I had [...]
jennifer shortall poison pen
Jennifer Shortall Position: Director of Poison Pen What inspired you to go work in the Film Industry in Ireland? I love telling stories and entertaining people. I particularly love finding interesting new ways to tell a story and films offer so many possibilities to do that. What has been your career path to date? As a kid I used to love performing onstage in plays and musicals and had a passion for entertaining people. In college I studied Drama and Film Studies at TCD and there I discovered that I loved directing theatre. When I left I was involved in [...]
Annie Atkins Designer
Annie Atkins Homegrown Head of the Secret World of Graphic Design for Film, she creates the details that make us believe... How did you get started and how you get to where you are? I used to work as a graphic designer in advertising, but then left to study a Masters in film production. I thought maybe I wanted to change careers to be a camera operator or a writer, but at film school I discovered this whole new world of design that I had never considered before. When I graduated, I was hired to design all the graphic pieces [...]