As Cinemas remain closed for our health and safety. Let's celebrate the magic of the creative process. Choosing legitimate viewing content supports the film Industry in Ireland. Thank You. 

Cinemagic stars in #imakemovies Campaign

We love all things Cinemagic so it is our pleasure to bring you this fantastic #imakemovies campaign celebrating the wonderful filmmaking talents on the island of Ireland. Because you love movies they get to make great films.

SKY becomes Member of the Industry Trust for IP Awareness

Sky’s membership of the Trust further cements a strong partnership just as the landscape around infringement becomes even more complex. This is welcome news for the Trust. We are stronger when we act together.

JD Buckley, CEO Sky Ireland, said: “Addressing copyright infringement is an issue the entire content industry face. This means it is of the upmost importance that we work together, so that we can be sure we are always adapting to the latest trends and developments.

The Magic of Cinema with the Irish Industry Trust.

The Magic of Cinema campaign inspires audiences to choose the big screen experience, the importance of buying a ticket, and how that supports the film industry in Ireland. Great films need Great Audiences. Irish Cinemas are open again. Let’s support our local cinema #irelandlovescinema


#IMAKEMOVIES ACTION offers an insight into the life of Stunt Woman Annabel Wood who has pulled off daring stunts in the biggest blockbusters.

The Irish Film Institute Dublin (IFI) shares their Industry Insights on Piracy in this new #IMAKEMOVIES campaign in association with the Irish Industry Trust and the MPA.

#imakemovies JOBS

The Irish Industry Trust teamed with the MPA to create a series of online campaigns with an emphasis on the craft and graft it takes to create a film.

Every time you buy a cinema ticket, genuine DVD or download, that money helps support more investment in film and television. Because you love movies, we get to make great films. This site was funded by the Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness – showing our appreciation for you, the Irish public, every time you buy the real deal.