2022 - A Year of great telly. returning Shows coming your way

"New Year’s Eve saw a “shift in behaviour” from the cautious attitude shown by shoppers ahead of Christmas, as high street footfall rose by more than 5%, according to retail experts."


Irish Industry Trust Comms Director talks Piracy with Creative Content Australia

 "International Industry Insider, Alison Crinion shares her insights into tackling online piracy through a multi-faceted approach, which must include education for viewers."


Popcorn Time: The ‘Netflix of Piracy’ is Dead, Developers Announce

"Popcorn Time, a streaming service that was both beloved and hated as the “Netflix of piracy”, has been shut down."


IRELAND HAS found a new creative confidence in itself, says filmmaker Mark Cousins

'The Story of Film: A New Generation' sees the Northern Irish-Scottish man examine the past ten years of cinema, featuring films, directors and writers from across the world including India, Iran and Romania.
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Thirty months in prison for pirate software developer

In what is understood to be the first conviction of its type in the UK, a man who created and built a software package which enabled illegal access to BT Sport, SKY, Netflix and other subscription television content has been sentenced to two and a half years’ imprisonment.

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Andrew Garfield Likely Returning As Spider-Man To Fight Venom, Sinister Six

""With UK and Ireland EST sales of Venom: Let There Be Carnage passing 100k since its release two weeks ago, and with Spider-Man: No Way Home passing £74m in cinemas (and still growing), making it the 10th highest grossing film of all time at the UK and Ireland Box Office, fans are clearly hungry for more! Perhaps there is only one thing for it: FIGHT!
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